Our goal is to rebuild Friedenskirche and the Parish
Community Center as a house for all generations.

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What we intend to change to make our church
- new liturgical concept for the church
- entrances and toilets on the first floor disabledfriendly
- improved lighting using borrowed light (roof windows)
- more energy efficient heating and electric facilities
- fire prevention in accordance with regulations
- elimination of polluted elements
- new roof and new entrances
- enlargement of the parish community hall
- enlargement of stockrooms

This project will cost us approximately 1,2 million dollars.
We can only do this with a secure funding, based
on a good ground. Many partners will help us, but we
nevertheless need donations and help.

We also welcome and appreciate volunteer work. Are you able or/and clever, are you capable, have you learned
a trade? Great! Then please let us know and become a part of our community resource. Having no
money to share does not mean you cannot help. Everybody has a talent!

You can help in many different ways. Small donations, large donations, ideas, events and contacts are all appreciated.
You can help us for example by: personal donations, finding a donor/sponsor for us, giving us a testamentary gift
Please speak to us, we will help you donate and manage your donation worthily and transparently.